Sneak Preview of Apple's iPhone (2019)

Posted by Omar Johnson

We are expecting to see the announcements of three new iPhone’s by Apple in September, this seems to be following the structure of last years offerings a flagship phone (iPhone XS), its larger brother (iPhone XS Max) and the midrange phone (iPhone XR).

If you have been following Apple’s release schedule, we can see that there has been somewhat of a restructuring of their product lines with the cancellation of the MacBook, the reintroduction of the iPad Air as a midrange tablet and enterprise-level Mac Pro. This seems to be true with the iPhone lines as in most previous years Apple have usually released a new flagship phone and a bigger brother and the previous years model gets relegated to the mid-range phone, this has been changed in the last 2 years and now seems the new normal is a newly designed midrange phone. This comes with the newer design language that Apple has employed since the Face-ID powered iPhone X and the iPad Pro.

We don’t have confirmation of the name of 2019’s models but most outlets are calling them the iPhone 11, 11 Max and the XR2, we have access the dummies of the final design of these new phones.

It seems that Apple is focusing on the camera module with the 11 and the 11 Max sporting three cameras and the XR2 model having two, this points to Apple keeping up with their Android competitors such as Huawei’s P30 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus but also this looks like Apple are manifesting their drive for the past few years into AR technologies. One of the most intriguing rumours is that the newer camera modules house a 3D depth sensor that would also tie into their AR/VR ambitions.

We can expect Apple to announce a new A13 system on a chip, if the last two previous processors are an indication of their roadmap, we can expect a jump in processor power and an emphasis on the Machine Learning engine that has been powering Apple’s onboard artificial intelligence technologies.

There is no indication that the divisive notch will be removed in this year's phones but we may see a technology that has been only been in the iPad Pro, the ProMotion 120 Hz refresh display. This will mean that interacting with your iPhone will be a lot smoother and you will see a noticeable improvement in graphics and gameplay in videogames such a PUBG and Fortnite.

The beta version of iOS 13 has indicated the 3D touch feature that has been in the line since 2015's iPhone 6s is been discontinued and replaced with a new haptic touch that was introduced with the iPhone XR, it appears that this year's model will have a new taptic engine (improved vibrations and haptic feedback) that will give the user a new feedback experience when you interact with the phone.

In the grand scheme of things other than the new camera module the overall design of the new iPhone remains unchanged since the iPhone X, it will be interesting to see if any other software features will come into play on this new phone outside of the soon to be announced iOS 13.

We will soon have our initial cases and accessories soon.