Which iPhone should I buy?

Posted by Lian Nguyen

So, you’re wondering which iPhone to shop for, let’s have a look at some of Apple's iPhones, we have seen improvements in battery life, advanced multi-camera functionality, and continued improvements to Apple's iOS. So finding out the right one for you based on screen size, storage, processing speed, battery life and headphone jacks and which one you need.


Screen Size

Apple turned the smartphone world upside down once they introduced the touchscreen for the first iPhone. Within a few years, almost every high-end phone was trying to duplicate their design.

In recent years, whenever Apple releases an iPhone, they're going to also introduce a Plus model. The most recent iPhone models even have size screens (ranging from 5.4 - 6.7 inches). For those that watch tons of videos on their phone, or don’t have the simplest vision, large or size screens are often an excellent thing. For anyone who wants a phone that matches comfortably in their pocket, this won't be an honest choice.


Models of iPhone feature four different screen sizes:

iPhone 12 Pro Max: 6.7in

iPhone 12 Pro: 6.1in

iPhone 12 mini: 5.4in

iPhone SE (2020): 4.7in


 iPhone screen size comparison

The size which suits you best is going to depend on personal preference, a bigger screen is good to have, and can make games and videos look far better, but you'll pay for it in terms of price and size and if you are willing to carry or able to fit it in your pocket.


Storage Capacity

Unlike other smartphones, iPhones don’t have expandable storage. this means that the quantity of storage capacity that originally comes on the phone would be most you’ll ever get. Phones with more storage cost a bit more.

If you’re just trying to find a phone to make calls, text, and email, you almost certainly won’t ever need more than 16 GB of storage. If you don’t plan on ever downloading an app or storing music on the phone, even 8 GB should be fine. Either of those is also an excellent choice if you’re not against paying a bit for a cloud storage system like iCloud.

For a bit more room, it’s could be a good idea to raise to 32 GB. this would allow you to load up quite a few of your favourite albums. If you don’t want to have to select and choose, 64 GB should offer you enough room to store all of your favourite music, download dozens of podcasts, and have every app you would like at your fingertips.

The higher storage capacities are really for those who want to watch videos on their phone while off WIFI. Movies downloaded from iTunes can take up around 2 GB each - twice that if the video is HD. opt for 128 GB if you would like to always have room for a movie on the go, or 256 or more GB so you'll have a few options downloaded also.

Battery life

iPhone wireless charging


All iPhones contain a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Unlike many other smartphones, the battery can't be easily replaced by consumers. With each iPhone released, the battery is created considerably stronger - but this doesn’t necessarily mean that a newer iPhone’s battery will last longer.

Though the batteries are becoming stronger, they need more of a challenge with the newer more power-hungry devices. Getting a long time out of each battery charge means striking a balance between the strength of the battery and the demands of the iPhone.

All iPhones have decent battery life, but some do a way better job of nailing this balance and have for much longer capacities at full charge. this is often shown by Geek bench’s user submitted benchmarks. If you’re worried about draining your battery quickly with videos or games, make battery performance a priority.


Processing Speed

The biggest improvement with each iPhone always comes to the Apple designed processors, improving the speed of the phone. Through incremental improvements, Apple’s newest line of phones is at least five times as responsive compared to the ones it released five years ago.

How fast a phone may appear to you really depends on what you’re used to. If you’ve only ever used a flip phone, even the slowest iPhone will seem lightning fast. On the other hand, taking any kind of step down in processing speed can create a really frustrating experience. It’s really all about perspective.



wired or airpods


When Apple released the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, tons of individuals were disappointed to find out that there would not be a physical headphone jack. Apple made this controversial decision to reduce their phones and put a stress on wireless headset technology.

Traditional headphones can still be used with the assistance of an adaptor that allows you to plug directly into the charging port. Despite that, the shortage of a headphone jack may be a real detail for tons of individuals.