Interesting facts about World Emoji Day

Posted by Omar Johnson

Did you know the origins of World Emoji Day?

World Emoji Day started in 2014 was created by Jeremy Burge, the UK based Australian and founder of Emojipedia. It's a great site which tracks and updates emoji definitions. 

Did you know Emoji is a contraction of Two Japanese Words

Emojis were created in Japan in 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita who was part of NTT DoCoMo’s i-mode mobile internet team. The word comes from the Japanese words “e” (which means picture) and “moji” (which means character).

The actual date of World Emoji Day is linked to Apple’s Calendar app

This is a bit of a long story but the date chosen for World Emoji Day is 17 July because of the specific emoji that Apple's iOS emoji has for Calendar. The reason that Apple's calendar emoji shows the date of 17 July? It is because 17 July was the date that iCal for the Mac was first unveiled in 2002.

An Emoji was Oxford Dictionaries’ 2015 Word of the Year

Did you know that an Emoji became 2015 word of the year? Well, for the first time ever, Oxford Dictionaries named the Word of the Year as… an Emoji. It was the “Face With Tears of Joy” chosen as the “word” of the year to reflect the mood of 2015.

How did we communicate before Emojis?

Before emojis, there were emoticons — punctuation that formed smiley faces and sad faces. Emoticons were plugged into computer language in 1982. If your old enough you may remember this :-)